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Artist & Photographer Naomi Olson:

“”The photographic image can be more than just a memory or pretty picture that hangs on the wall. Photos speak, like Diane Arbus’s “Child with a toy hand grenade”, Minor White’s “Frosted window” or James Nachtwey’s “Famine”. Impressions of these images linger for lifetimes and have never left my being. Telling stories visually to communicate ideas, raise awareness, give the unheard a voice, the unnoticed a face and make the unseen visible is the reason I continue to photograph. What excites me most is the powerful reflective quality to make us feel, somehow connecting us to the natural world, worlds beyond and our deepest inner states of what it means to be human.


Often my work is presented in black and white for its talent to draw the eye and strength to penetrate the heart. This expressive form also embodies the inherent duality of existence. The idea that there is always the possibility for something greater in each moment continues to show itself in my imagery. Shooting at night, as well as, using long exposures, creates a different sense of time, adding mystery and an element of the spiritual. Within spaces where the unknown rules, intuition becomes the trusted guide.


What is it like to see without eyes? How do we (society) look from the perspective of the land or sea? My current work is driven by questions, the search for knowledge and hope for our planet. Using popular opinion and convention as a starting point, I continue to explore our social values, human nature and the established environment.  Discovering new or uncommon understanding, and the notion that the impossible is possible. “”


Below are images of Naomi at work on the “Seeing Through The Heart: Portraits of The Blind in Hawaii” project.

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